Urs Zeier

Urs Zeier (1952), graduate Swiss Media Manager, is a member of the Executive Board of Clear Channel Switzerland Ltd. As Chief Development Officer he is responsible for Strategic Projects, Development and Operations of the Swiss CC Business Unit. From 2007 to 2016 he acted – in addition – as Research Consultant for Clear Channel International. He is a member of Clear Channel International’s Airport Advertising Expert Network.

He has a career in the Swiss Media industry over more than 30 years – mainly in Out-of-Home, press and TV. He worked as a Managing Director for Metro Publication Switzerland Ltd., the publisher of the Swiss edition of the freely distributed paper Metro. Before he served as Marketing Director at Tamedia. He was President of the Board of REMP / WEMF Ltd., and a branch manager for Ringier Switzerland.

He lives in Zurich and in his spare time, he was an internationally active Handball player and coach. Today he is a passionate family father, grandfather and golfer.

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